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Электронная книга LBook LIGHT-V3+

— производитель: LBook (ЛБук)
— модель: LIGHT-V3+
— электронная книга с ч/б экраном 6"
— E-Ink Vizplex
— разрешение 600x800 пикс.
— 16 оттенков серого
— встроенный mp3-плеер
— артикул РС0-23751

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К нам на обзор попала электронная книга с ч/б экраном 6" комании ЛБук, полное название LBook LIGHT-V3+ и давайте сразу пройдемся по самым главным характеристикам: экран E-Ink Vizplex с разрешением 600x800 пикселей. Этого разрешения более чем достаточно для подавляющего большинства книголюбов. Итак...

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Source of light is regular artificial daylight lampEXCITING NEWS! The presale for "The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 3" has begun! .
As you may or may not know, hitRECord's been making Tiny Stories for the past few years now - it's always one of our favorite and most popular collaborations - and this is our third volume in book form for Harper Collins.
This one turned out so beautiful - I'm really proud of the work we did on it. And it's yellow!
Volumes 1 and 2 have done really well! We got some great press and attention for both volumes:
"A brand new collection (V2) of moving (and funny!) stories from the hitRECord family and It Books." — Entertainment Weekly
Amazon made Volume 1 one of their "Books of the Month."
This volume features the work of 82 artists out of 35,905 contributions - our biggest collaboration BY FAR for a Tiny Book! And as always, all profits will be split with the 82 contributing artists.
This Tiny Book of Tiny Stories will be in stores and on bookshelves NOVEMBER 5, BUT you can order it on presale right now:
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Thanks again
JJames Allen (November 28, 1864 -- January 24, 1912) was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work, As a Man Thinketh, has been mass-produced since its publication in 1902. It has been a source of inspiration to motivational and self-help authors.Born in Leicester, England, into a working-class family, Allen was the elder of two brothers. His mother could neither read nor write while his father, William, was a factory knitter. In 1879 following a downturn in the textile trade of central England, Allen's father traveled alone to America to find work and establish a new home for the family. Within two days of arriving his father was pronounced dead at New York City Hospital, believed to be a case of robbery and murder. At age fifteen, with the family now facing economic disaster, Allen was forced to leave school and find work.For much of the 1890s, Allen worked as a private secretary and stationer in several British manufacturing firms. In 1893 Allen moved to London where he met Lily Louisa Oram who he then wed in 1895. In 1898 Allen found an occupation in which he could showcase his spiritual and social interests as a writer for the magazine The Herald of the Golden Age. At this time, Allen entered a creative period where he then published his first book of many books, From Poverty to Power (1901). In 1902 Allen began to publish his own spiritual magazine, The Light of Reason, later retitled The Epoch.In 1902 Allen published his third and most famous book As a Man Thinketh. Loosely based on the biblical proverb, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, the small work eventually became read around the world and brought Allen posthumous fame as one of the pioneering figures of modern inspirational thought. The book's minor audience allowed Allen to quit his secretarial work and pursue his writing and editing career. In 1903, the Allen family retired to the town of Ilfracombe where Allen would spend the rest of his life. Continuing to publish the Epoch, Allen produced more than one book per year until his death in 1912. There he wrote for nine years, producing 19 works.Following his death in 1912, his wife continued publishing the magazine under the name The Epoch. Lily Allen summarized her husband's literary mission in the preface to one of his posthumously published manuscripts, Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success saying:He never wrote theories, or for the sake of writing; but he wrote when he had a message, and it became a message only when he had lived it out in his own life, and knew that it was good. Thus he wrote facts, which he had proven by practice.Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.This video was created by the now removed channel, AsmrAurette. For more information on AsmrAurette, copyright, this channel or to request another video visit,
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